Herefords are a native, hardy, rare breed and a single suckle herd.  They extensively graze thus requiring very little additional concentrate feed.  The farm likes to calve outside, weather permitting, as it is a much more hygenic environment for the new-borns.  The grazing encompasses mountain grazing down to lush river valleys, which includes the house’s historic parkland.



The farm prides itself on their quality pedigree stock.  This is enhanced by cutting edge breeding techniques.  Quality bull semen is sourced internationally from top indexed bulls for artificial insemination.  There is also a current exciting programme in place of embryo transfers.  The embryos have been transferred into some of the farm’s Saler cows for the gestation.  The reason for this is because Saler are a commercial cow and very hardy and they make very good, protective mothers.  This means the Hereford cows are free to have their own calves.

Nanhoron 1 Falcon – 10 months old

Sire Mawarra Mustang(HRPJ166)

Dam Nanhoron 1 Fashion 8th

Nanhoron 1 Ace 10 months old

Sire Mawarra Mustang(HRPJ166)

Stock is always available for sale, please email the farm if interested.