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There is an exciting new venture being undertaken at Nanhoron Farms Ltd in the form of 110 acres being planted with Miscanthus Giganteus Rhizomes.


It is a non-invasive, perennial 2nd generation Bio-energy crop, with bamboo like stems, that grows up to 3 metres tall. It is established from a Rhizome and harvested annually to produce sustainable biodegradable Biomass for Renewable Fuels, Animal Bedding and Composites.


It is an organic crop that benefits from ‘dirty water’ and will happily grow on land susceptible to flooding and it intensifies Biodiversity by providing a safe habitat for wildlife.  It can be grown on marginal land which compliments traditional food production.


Taken from data collected, the crop lasts for 20 years plus, without the need to re-plant, this is vital in maintaining soil stability and facilitating the long-term sequestration (carbon capture) and storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) or other forms of carbon to mitigate or defer global warming.


  • The plant is sterile and thus produces no seed, therefore it is not invasive.

  • Highly efficient at carbon storage 8+ tC/ha/yr

  • Up to 16 mm BTU/ton, or approximately 19 MJ kg-1, on dry matter basis.


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