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Nanhoron Farms Ltd has had a pedigree Hereford herd since 2007 when we ceased our intensive dairy business and moved into beef production.   We acquired a small herd of horned stock from Herefordshire to enhance the aesthetic value of the parkland and have gone on to purchase further animals from top herds. We find the Hereford to be an extremely good mother; an excellent milker and the cows and calves are easy to manage.  The Hereford is able to convert grass into prime beef very effectively.  At the moment we have 300 breeding females with a good supply of heifers going forward and many young bulls.  Our philosophy is to breed well-sized cows with good milk production and wide muscles to convert grass into milk and beef, while looking for clean-boned, well-loined stock.  We have sourced our cows from many top herds to achieve this including cows with Weybrook, Bosa, Ford Abbey and Salbri pedigrees.



Our current stock bulls include Dendor 1 Fabius, Spurstow 1 Salute, Ford Abbey 1 Game.  We are also using our own young bulls including Nanhoron Victory and Nanhoron Adonis.


Dendor 1 Equinox

We purchased Equinox in 2011 from the Dendor herd in Powys as a service bull with a proven track record.  He has been a Royal Show winner at 2-years-old, a winner at the Royal Welsh Show as a 2-year old and paired senior bull winner in the Polled show, again as a 2-year old. We have his progeny available for sale, both young bulls and heifers.

Link to Equinox Pedigree


Spurstow 1 Big George 4th

We purchased Big George 4th from Peter Whittaker from the Spurstow Herd in Cheshire where Peter runs an exceptionally good Hereford herd. Big George 4th has American bloodlines and shows an exceptionally strong loin and rear end.  He demonstrates an almost Limousin quality with his well-muscled appearance. His progeny show strength and power in the loin and we have some for sale.

Link to Big George 4th Pedigree


Spurstow 1 Salute

Salute also comes from the Spurstow herd.  He is a senior bull with a huge capacity for working 40+ cows – he shows great strength in the loin and demonstrates true Hereford power.  He is a winner of the Highland Show as a 2-year old and he paired with Dendor 1 Equinox to win in the Polled Show in 2009.  He has produced a large number of daughters and we have a number of his heifers on the farm.

Link to Salute Pedigree



The above bulls are a selection of our working stock bulls – some of which will become available for purchase.  We currently have 15 younger bulls by some very illustrious sires – Ford Abbey 1 Albert, Pant Du Legend, Kilhessan Sam, Kilhessan Terry, Spurstow 1 Hollywood and Aultoun Concord - to name a few.  We can cater for both polled and horned cattle.

Nanhoron Farms Ltd, as a Nanhoron Estate tenant, has a responsibility to keep within the Estate’s farming ethos, favouring a sympathetic approach to farming and conservation.  To enhance the parkland, we purchased a herd of Traditional Herefords and are keen members of the Traditional Hereford Breed Club.  We purchased the Harbour House herd from Durham in Autumn 2010; a herd that has history going back to the 1880s.  This herd fits firmly in the rare breed category and we are keen to support the breed and treat them as a truly commercial herd.   We find them to be a huge asset to the farm with steers requiring extremely low inputs and yielding up to 700lbs.  The mothers are excellent, easy calvers and their progeny have very good growth rates off a grass-only diet.  A new stock bull, Albany Leander* was purchased in Spring 2011 from Les Cook.

Link to Leander Pedigree 

We still have his daughters who show all the characteristics of the Traditional Herd with a quiet, easy temperament with a nice covering of flesh. 

Recently we have purchased Boriesisle Nautilus*, another Traditonal Hereford stock bull.


Please contact us for further details.  

From time to time we have a limited number of breeding heifers and young bulls for sale:

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